1. Opening concert of the Treasures of the Broumov Region Festival

Saturday 29. 6. 2019 from 18 h
Monastery church of St. Adalbert, Broumov

Augustin Šenkýř:  „Dies Numini et Principi“
Sóloists and the Orchestra of the National Theatre in Prague 
Amicitia Choir ZUŠ Broumov

Production of the modern premiere of the congratulatory cantata of Augustine Šenkýř  "Dies Numini et Principi" performed by the National Theater soloists and orchestra.

Augustin Šenkýř, Benedictine priest and director of the choir at the Emmaus Monastery, author of many church compositions, is the author of the latest research by Dies Numini et Principi - Drama musicum Pastoritium from 1770. Museum of Czech Music / CZ Broumov (in: CZ-Pnm) /, signature XXXVIII D 363. The composition was based on the order from the Broumov monastery.

The authors of the discovered piece, Jiří Mikuláš and Kamil Remeš, by comparing the text of the play and the score sheet, confirmed the absolute connection of both archival materials. It is therefore a uniquely documented fact that the Broumov monastery had ordered music written by their composers, but still operating outside the Benedictine "societas". One of the aims of the festival is to revive the beautiful Broumov music archive and to introduce forgotten works of local origin.

Scholastic works - Musical - Dramatic Works

The themes of these works are drawn from the history and current events of the time, the ancient literary models are often used. Very common is the use of allegory, and therefore, in addition to the characters from the ancient and recent history, they also feature allegorical figures (eg geniuses, characters representing human virtues and vice, etc.). The pastoral theme is very popular across the Czech monastery environment. The using of compositions of this kind was common in the monasteries, during the significant anniversaries of the Superior (naming, renewing the vows, anniversary of the famous promises, etc.) or in honor of a rare visit throughout the year. Almost all local monastery alumni performed in these productions, as has been documented in other monastic institutions in the Czech lands.

Often, these works serve as a moral specimen based on the use of an allegory or the reception of a historical event taken from the general or biblical, and practically to practice in rhetoric and recitation, as well as the congratulatory purpose mentioned.

Soloists and Orchestra of the National Theatre in Prague:

Pietas/ Hylas: Markéta Böhmová
Alexis: Stanislava Jirků
Damoetas: Václav Lemberk
Agathocles: Roman Hoza

Conductor: Zdeněk Klauda

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Monastery church of St. Adalbert, Broumov




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