Dřevník Hall

An interesting wooden building projected by the ADR atelier hides a modern multifunctional hall that was built on the site of the original monastic hayloft, sheds and garages during the revitalisation in 2014 / 2015. Lower, left part of the building is now used as an entrance hall, a box office and a cloakroom for the visitors of the cultural events. It was built in the first third of the 19th century on the site of the older building. 

The main building with a multifunctional cultural hall was originally used by benedictines as a monastic hayloft. The original sandstone pillars were disassembled and used again. The concerts, balls, conferences and other cultural and social events now take place in the Dřevník Hall. The right part of the building that is connected to the Dřevník Hall was originally used as a byre. Now there are operating premises and the cloakroom for the performers there.

Adresa: Klášterní 1,550 01 Broumov
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Kateřina Englichová and Vilém Veverka
1. 5. 2018




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