8th concert / ensemble Castelkorn

Saturday 18. 8. 2018 from 18 h
Church of St. Anna, Vižňov


Josef Žák, violin
Anastasia Baraviera, cello
Felipe Guerra, harpsichord / organ
Victorien Disse – theorba / quitar

Heinz Ignaz Franz Biber: Sonata in  A Major

Georg Muffat: Sonata Violino Solo

Antonio Bertali: Ciaccona

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sonata Quarta RE MAJ

Heinz Ignaz Franz Biber: Sonata Reprezentativa

The concert will be recorded by Czech Radio Vltava

Castelkorn is an instrumental ensemble based on the repertoire of the Kroměříž archives, which contains a number of compositions from the Baroque period both from Bohemia and Moravia and also from the large cultural centers of Central Europe with a strong link to Italy. 

We have chosen from this collection a number of compositions for violin and basso continuo, as well as some compositions for more instruments. It is mainly spiritual music (not liturgical), but there are also many compositions of the secular, and non-serious ones. At the bishop's court in Kroměříž they also managed to have fun.

The French ensemble spent last year thier summer in Vižňov, when they recorded thier profile CD Lamentevole in the local church belonging to the Broumov group of churches. They are now symbolically returning to our region within the festival. Their performance  underlines the enormous cultural significance of the Broumov churches, their present status and the need to preserve them and help them.

Video of the concert: HERE

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Church of St. Anna, Vižňov




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